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Our Home is another and straightforward approach to sort out your family.

Our Home APK for Android Download

Children will be inspired to do tasks and assume liability while guardians can compensate them for their exertion. There’s likewise a keen shopping list and a private family message board. Best of all, it’s absolutely allowed to use without any promotions and no concealed expenses.

Key elements:

– Create, allot and plan assignments for relatives View relatives individual advance Motivate youngsters with prizes and objectives Easily share what should be purchased in the savvy shopping list-Like and remark on a movement or send your family a private message


Envision getting back home from work and the house is clean, the pets have been nourished and your children are learning math and honing music. And this managed without inquiring! Whether it’s housework or homework, Our Home is the most straightforward approach to keep your family murmuring.


Persuaded children are fruitful children. Examines have demonstrated that the presentation of obligation through tasks from an early age will essentially enhance a youngster’s possibility of future achievement. Children can move in the direction of objectives and construct self-regard – they may even contend to complete things!


Our Home’sfun rewards framework permits guardians to make impetuses for their children, whether it’s pocket cash, screen time or an end of the week trip away. Furthermore, guardians can feel compensated as well as things simply complete without pestering.


The YOur Home Shopping List is a drop in the bucket. Essentially include any things you need and swipe them off as you go. You’ll spare time spent in the grocery store and always remember the drain once more.


Remain associated with your family when you’re separated. Whether it’s a speedy message, a senseless joke, or essentially saying hey, Our Home Is your family’s private message board. With supportive updates and warnings, you’ll know precisely what’s going on inside your family.

Our Home was made by the designers of Fairshare, depicted by The Guardian as a “basic download”.

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