Elune Saga APK for Android Download

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Elune Saga APK for Android Download

Travel through Astoria and fight to wind up distinctly the most capable saint!

Encounter a full-scale half breed procedure RPG. Gather and develop Soul cards to make your customized group! Prepare your gathering and contend with the world!

Least Requirements-OS: Android v2.3.3 or higher-Device: Galaxy S2 or higher



– Strategic joint effort between RPG fights and Soul cards-Over 200 Souls, each with their own particular energizing ability Experience the diverse sorts of fights through the distinctive blends of Souls – Fun and key gameplay in light of the four components: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water-Equip ensembles to get buffs that augment natural properties Recruit and stir Souls with the Soul improve framework Be the best and utilize powers from bound Souls!- A wealth of substance: Arenas, Dungeons, PvP, and Adventures-Challenge the unlimited cells with companions!

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